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Conan was basically a direct actionist. Such subtlety as he possessed had been acquired through contact with the more devious races. When taken off guard by some unexpected occurrence, he reverted instinctively to type. So now, instead of hiding or slipping away in the opposite direction as the average man might have done, he ran straight down the corridor in the direction of the sound. His sandals made no more sound than the pads of a panther would have made; his eyes were slits, his lips unconsciously asnarl. -  Robert E. Howard - Jewels of Gwahlur        Read More

Robert E. Howard

Robert Ervin Howard was a writer of fantasy, horror, pulp and historical adventure stories published mainly in Weird Tales magazine in the 1930s. He was born in Peaster, Texas, the son of Dr. Isaac Mordecai Howard and Hester Jane Ervin Howard. His family had lived in various places in south, east and west Texas, as well as western Oklahoma, before settling in Cross Plains in central Texas in 1919.


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The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian

coming_conan_cimmerianFourteen of Howard's legendary stories are back in the first of three fully illustrated volumes starring the most famous fantasy hero of the 20th century: Conan, the Barbarian. Robert E. Howard (1906-1936) created a blue-eyed Cimmerian fighting man...


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The Bloody Crown of Conan

bloodycrownconanIn his hugely influential and tempestuous career, Robert E. Howard created the genre that came to be known as sword and sorcery and brought to life one of fantasy s boldest and most enduring figures: Conan the Cimmerian reaver, ....


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The Conquering Sword of Conan

This volume completes the set of Howard's Conan stories with some of his finest work, including Beyond the Black River and Red Nails alongside rare early drafts and synopses. In a meteoric career that covered only a dozen years, Robert E. Howard....


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